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Landscaping Seafood Importing Custom

The Worlds Most Versatile and Integrated Accounting and Business Management Software

  • An accounting and business management program that is industry proven
  • Over 20 years of real life use
  • A true double entry accounting system
  • A versatile medium level accounting and estimating program

Specific version for the following vertical markets:

  • Construction - Landscape
  • Construction - Roadwork
  • Distribution
  • Furniture Store
  • Irrigation Contractor
  • Landscape - Maintenance, Design Build, Lawn Care, Tree Care
  • Law Office
  • Newspaper
  • Point of Sale - Garden Center
  • Point of Sale - Other
  • Seafood Importer/Distributor
  • Seafood Distributor
  • Service Business - Other
  • Sweeping Service
  • Temporary Agency
  • Truck/Vehicle Repair

Over 1800 individual user configurations settings to customize the program to their specific or individual needs.

  • Set tax rates
  • Mailing label styles
  • Invoice styles
  • Proposal styles
  • Bill of lading styles
  • General ledger account numbers
  • Current fuel price per gallon
  • Set printers and bins
  • Show/hide cost prices on the screen in invoices
  • Hold back of invoices based upon age
  • Allows price override on inventory items
  • Allows automatic credit card payments while statements are being run
  • Dunning messages based upon customer aging
  • Ability to add sales tax at the statement level
  • Ability to print signature on checks
  • Automatic percentage breakdown by division in accounts payable
  • Ability to use time cards
  • Allow tax rate overrides
  • Ability to define taxable versus non-taxable deductions